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Cerita hair Keratin serum owns hydrolyzed herbal keratin, vitamin E, and silicon. These compounds in addition to repairing hair that damaged by dying, curling, straightening, nourish and strengthen hair as well
Cyclopentsiloxane and and dimethiconol, cyclomethicone, phenyl trimeticone, tocopheryl acetate, hydrolyzed keratin, fragrance
cerita hair keratin serum has keratin protein. Keratin is a kind of protein that exist naturally in human hair that create brightness, vitality ,freshness and smooth hair. Damaged hair has lost a lot of this protein so for regeneration of that the lost amount of protein should be returned to the hair. Cerita Keratin hair serum by supplying the required keratin to hair has an important role in the treatment of damaged hair. Vitamin E has a powerful antioxidant property which is found in the serum and protects hair against damages occur by oxidative stress and sunlight

contain keratin to nourish hair
protect hair against radiation UV, chemical and physical factors and environmental pollutions
vitamin compounds to repair damaged hair shaft
prevent split end, crispy hair and neutralize static electricity
Increase strength, flexibility, and brightness of the hair
Suitable for all types of dry hair, oily, smooth and crisp

After washing your hair dry with a towel and get their water then use the required amount of hair serum on both hands And treated to serum from the roots to the tips of the hair evenly