: About us

In the year 2004 by forming a research core, “pars Azmaye Teb Group” commenced its activities with the support of some of its young researchers and with a sheer research overlook, far from industrial and manufacturing prospects. But according to the brilliant results of the researches and also encouragement of some experts , “Pars Azmaye Teb “ could be honored to be the only corporation starting with scientific investigative probes but rapidly transformed to a productive industrial group . Having scientific outlook in “Pars AZmaye Teb” caused us to avoid copying and acquire all the products formulation by ourselves which lead us to obtain a great honor in the country science and knowledge arena. Regarding our strong presence supported by the patronage and backing of motivated young active people of the country , our concern has been able to do a lot with scientific progress of the country and is also optimistic and hopeful to step forward memorably and unforgettably which makes everyone remember the outstanding and well-known elites of this Persian land.

: Commitment

Offering high quality products and services with approach of increase the qualitative level of customers health with profiting of motivated staff in arena of skin and hair as customers satisfaction is obtained and they know the proposed brands of this company in the markets as result of team effort and with management bankroll and with Indexes like efficient leadership, pledge to professional Principles and morality, known brands, responsibility in front of community and observing the environmental criteria.


– Locating in second position of superior company in cosmetics and health products industry until 2020
– Best exporter of cosmetics and health products industry in country until 2020

The Values:

– Honesty and mutual trust
– Skill, creativity and innovationt
– Responsibility and commitment
– Growth and learning
– Human munificence and respect to customers
– Fidelity to professional morality
– Partnership in team work